We have more than 15 years experience in helping companies take  a Strategic approach to managing their businesses.

In the last year we have helped more than 30 companies complete an extensive review of their business world and formulate a realistic plan designed to bring about real change over the coming years. They now have a guideline against which decisions can be made and progress monitored. If they stick to the plan, every year they are getting closer to their desired state.

We have worked with owner operators and large multinationals, start-ups and established businesses and all of them came away with a sense of clarity and a confidence that the plan is based on a solid foundation.

    JOHN TOOHER Managing Partner

    A seasoned global business leader with 17 years experience of working with companies such as General Electric and 3M in multiple countries and business areas and 10 years experience as President and CEO of a US based $60M business which he grew from a $12M base by continuously focusing on the long term vision and not last months results.

    During his career John has worked with and for many companies from multiple industries in many parts of the world. He has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. One of the things he has learned is that people want to be led, not managed, and leaders can’t lead unless they have a defined destination and a plan to get there. Great leaders harness the collective wisdom of their management team to create a plan built on directed consensus and then engage their entire organization in enthusiastically participating in the journey


One of the benefits of working with HeadRoom Strategy is their unique ability to bring proven and trusted subject matter experts to the table to help you execute on your key objectives. While you may not need to use any of these resources, we are very confident that if you do, you will be more than happy with the results. You can find out more about some of our most trusted partners below:

Claire Brown Kohler

About Claire Claire Brown Kohler of We Empower Leaders is SHRM Senior Certified Professional with many years of HR experience. During the years that she owned her company with her business partners, she oversaw all aspects of Human Resources from the founding of the company to it’s peak of 250 employees and $16 million in annual revenues. She helps business owners with all aspect of their HR needs, including their employee handbooks, establishing policies and procedures, recruitment and retention, and handling difficult employees. She offers a free consultation to see if she can help you with your business.

Josh Irons

About Josh Josh is the founder of River Avenue Digital, a full-service marketing agency that leads with digital. He taps into 20 years of experience to analyze businesses' specific goals and determines the marketing strategy that will work best to attract new and retain current clients. He has a history of helping businesses of all shapes and sizes differentiate from their competition, add value to their audience and expand their footprint.

Ben Johnson

About Ben Ben is the CEO of FREYA Systems a software development and Data Analytics company. Freya can handle the most complex systems and data sets whether it’s a production, service or design environment and bring insight and clarity into what is happening and how performance can be improved. When a company is stuck trying to identify their digital and data strategy they pull Ben from the bench to guide them to clarity and a roadmap to meet their technology goals. Ben has more than twenty years of experience solving business problems and improving processes with technology based solutions. He is equally at home facilitating a requirements gathering workshop or designing a software application and data architecture. Ben has a passion for applying the right technology to a problem.

Erin Jernigan

About Erin Erin Jernigan is co-founder and CEO of Victory Supply Chain Services. Victory Supply is a 4PL firm providing unparalleled expertise in supply chain optimization and logistics. Erin has made a name for herself in the transportation industry by guiding and supporting growing manufacturers and distributors with software and solutions to redefine, refocus and restructure their methods to reduce costs and gain productivity. Her operational knowledge and capabilities give her clients reassurance that the custom strategy and roadmap being designed will help them achieve maximum efficiencies and savings. Erin offers free consultations to businesses looking to achieve maximum health of their supply chain.

Drew Montemayor

About Drew Drew of DM Design Solutions is a master of all things creative. Whether it is branding, logo design, print, web or digital design, and even illustration, Drew has built a reputation for helping his client's vision come to life in a way that has left them empowered and inspired about their business. Drew has worked on everything from national publications with Berkshire Hathaway to your local Philadelphia food truck or favorite brewery. First impressions are real for businesses. Let Drew help you stand out from the crowd in a way that you feel great about and fully represents who you are!!


We believe in using Strategy to align and galvanize an organization, big or small, into a forward thinking team of people striving for success and a sense of collective accomplishment.

A Strategy should be an inspiring holistic plan to transform an organization to better equip it to succeed in a changing business environment. It must be understood and owned by the business – everyone in the business. It touches the entire organization, the People, the Systems, the Working Environment, your Product or Service, your Brand and most importantly your Customers.

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