What you need

  • You need to take the time to carry out a complete review of where you and your business stands today.
  • You need to identify the Key Drivers that are around today which will either inhibit or accelerate your business growth.
  • You need to define where you are taking the business and how you will know when you get there
  • You need to define how you will address or overcome these Drivers in your pursuit of your Vision for your business.
  • You need a long term plan to reference against when it comes to making decisions on a day to day basis
  • You need to get comfortable with the idea that it will probably take you at least 18 months to address the majority of your goals
  • Now go and make it happen!

What Can HeadRoom do for you

  • Re-examine your Mission Statement
  • Define what you think allows you to deliver on the promise implicit in that statement
  • Carry out a 6 hour review of your entire business environment from Resources to Technology , from Customers to Competition. No stone will be left unturned as you take a brutally honest look at where you stand
  • Define your vision of the future and your future Vision for your business
  • From the Situation analysis define the big meaty items that will impact you now and in the future
  • In a 2nd 3-4 hour session, define the 4-5 Strategic Objectives that address these and:
  • Create the Timeline which will outline when you intend to execute on each objective

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