Planning for your business post- Coronavirus – make it different!

 In Strategy

It’s perhaps too early just yet but over the next days and weeks business owners and leaders need to start planning for the return to normality or the new normal.

However, maybe we need to ask ourselves; do we want to return to what we considered normal just a few weeks ago? I imagine this experience is making you appreciate things in your life that perhaps before had been taken for granted. In talking to many people in the last days, I believe there is a nascent but growing desire to change our lives in a way that forces us to be more purposeful in what we do and how we act. This crisis has helped us to realize that it’s not all about the day to day, it’s about our life’s journey. It’s about where you have been, where are you going and why it matters to be more in control.

In the same way business leaders need to start thinking about how they ran their business in the past and how they might change things going forward.

Now is the time to think about a new desired state for your business across all its functions and interactions. Now is the time to decide to set out on a new journey; one that is worthwhile and engaging, one that makes a positive difference for you and your family, your employees, customers and society in general.

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