Interview with John Tooher, CEO of Headroom Strategy

 In Strategy


Ashley Owens of Connect To Success interviews John Tooher about his work helping companies create strategic roadmaps for their business.

John talks about the three types of companies he works with and the general conditions for creating a strategic plan. It starts with the leader deciding that  the current status-quo isn’t working or is not adequate to ensure the long term success of the company, and that real and sustained changes need to be made to build on past successes and the company’s subject matter expertise and drive the business on a new journey.

Most companies make bad decisions when they lack a clear understanding of their vision for their business. A strategy becomes the basis for making decisions. Decisions need to be made in a way that is supportive of the strategic direction of the company. In this way companies can build momentum and each decision builds on the previous one creating much better returns on investment and ultimately increasing the intrinsic capability, capacity and wealth of the business.

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