When was the last time you carried our a comprehensive Strategic Review of your Business?

When did you last take the time to step back and see the forest from the trees? Unless strategic planning is built in to your business’s modus operandi, the answer is probably either never or not for a long time. This may be fine and dandy when your business is growing in a stable competitive landscape or one without an emerging disruptive technology, but as soon as your environment starts to exhibit trends in a new direction, you may find that you are desperately playing catch-up rather than riding the new wave. You really should dedicate 1-2 days a year to gather your direct reports and most trusted SMEs and carry out an holistic review of your business and business environment and identify how drivers that exist today, might impact you in the future. Once done you can then begin to work on how to respond to these drivers and create a set of strategic objectives and a timeline to fight the threat or seize the opportunity dependent on the nature of the driver. Don’t get caught flat-footed. Be ready ahead of time.

Do you have the feeling your team isn’t aligned with one another or with you?

If they are not aligned then you are sailing in rough seas with an underperforming engine, that just might splutter to a stop when you need it. What you’ve probably got is a group of non-communicating silos who play the “we’re all in this together” game but spend a lot of their time either competing with each other or actively working against each other. You need to address this now! And one of the best ways is to hold a Strategic Planning Session. Sounds a little odd perhaps but here’s why: A Strategic Planning Sessions starts with a Situational Analysis. This is an in-depth holistic review of where your business stands today. It needs to be brutally honest and the process promotes the use of straight talking and saying it as it is. There is no better way of assessing the degree of divergence in a team then seeing how their views align or differ when it comes to describing the “State of the Business” A good facilitator will try and encourage a “Yes And” culture rather than a “Yes But” dialogue. As a CEO or Leader you will quickly begin to see the scale of the job in hand in creating a cohesive consensus on the lie of the land. If this is going to be hard, getting your team to agree on where the business needs to go, will be a lot harder! That said with the right attitude and approach, consensus can be achieved and when that happens it is possible to have stimulating and open-minded debate on the way forward.

What you need

  • You need a process that will help you assess the degree of alignment amongst your senior staff
  • You need a methodical, cross-functional process to carry out an holistic review of your internal and external environment
  • You need to identify the Drivers that exist today and will impact your business in the next 2-3 years
  • You need to define how your environment will change in the next 2-3 years
  • Identify the most important and certain Drivers
  • Define your future Vision
  • Create 4-5 Strategic Objectives which will address the Drivers and propel you toward your future Vision
  • Once formulated you need to communicate the plan to the entire organization and integrate it into the year on year tactical objectives for your organization
  • Live your Strategy

What Can HeadRoom do for you

HeadRoom will directly facilitate a meeting of your top team and guide you and them through a 2 day Strategic Planning Workshop.

Ideally the key decision makers will be in attendance and stakeholders across all departments will be represented. The focus is on building consensus as the team is lead through a re-examination of their Mission and Values and Beliefs followed by comprehensive Situation Analysis and definition of the Key Drivers.

Once the team is aligned on their evaluation of the current state, the focus shifts to the Future State Analysis, definition of the companies Vision, rating the Key Drivers and formulation of the 4-5 Strategic Objectives or Critical Success Factors that must be addressed if that Vision is to be achieved.

Finally a high level Timeline is created which you will later incorporate into the normal yearly objectives for the business.

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