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Un-bias Critical Eye To Our Decision Making

“We’ve engaged John to support the improvement of our company strategy as we continue our pattern of solid growth. Our initial workshop with John helped us to create a solid foundation for the short and medium term strategy for the business. We were so pleased with the result, we have retained John for his services. He brings an excellent, experienced and un-bias critical eye to our decision making. John has delivered so much more than strategy consultancy, by connecting us with potential customers and partners as a champion of our business. We would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone needing support in evolving their strategy and taking their business to the next level.”

Ben Johnson – Freya Systems CEO

We are on an incredible path!

I hired John to help me with what is the Beck Institute’s increasingly global presence.  This work is compelling, complex and sometimes messy, and he has been a resource every step of the way. He has helped us to think strategically and measure to those goals, how to manage change to get there and most importantly, how to drive a performance and mission-focused organization.  He has been so helpful to our team, and to me in particular.  If you are looking for someone who has both IQ and EQ skills, will tell it like it is and help you carry forward your organization to success, John is that person.  Seriously, we are on an incredible path, and he has been invaluable.

Lisa Pote MSW-  The Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavior Therapy/ Executive Director

Compelling Strategic Plan

“Head Room provided our team with the coaching and insight to create a compelling strategic plan.  John’s keen facilitation skills and his broad experience in setting strategic goals made all the difference in getting our team past the obstacles we experienced in the past.”

Sebastian Napoli – NRG-Edge, LLC / President

I Am A Repeat Customer

“I originally signed up for HeadRoom’s strategic planning session as a way to force myself into doing some much needed long term thinking, but it turned out to be far more valuable than I originally expected. In addition to helping me crystalize my vision for the company, John helped me create a three year plan that not only laid out a roadmap, but also made it very clear that I didn’t have to do everything ‘tomorrow’ to get where I wanted to go. This experience was so successful that I am a repeat customer: I have done two additional strategic planning sessions for two significant product lines we are developing.

I highly recommend HeadRoom’s strategic planning services for both solo entrepreneurs who will benefit from having a sounding board as well as larger companies who need to codify their plans and align all stakeholders.”

Ellen Thompson – Results Repeat / Founder & CEO

A Clear Picture For Growth

“I had the great opportunity to work with Headroom Strategies. I was first introduced to them through a business partner and I immediately connected their approach to growing a business. We quickly scheduled a follow-up session to go through an analysis of our Mission, Vision, Values, and 3-Year Strategic Objectives. In fact, we were so excited that we brought our entire leadership team along. Two days later I walked away with a clear picture of who we are today, where we want to grow, and what we need to do to get there. It doesn’t matter what size your business is, you need this to thrive!”

Brandon Steiger – President & The Big Idea Guy of Synergema – Transforming Businesses Digitally

We Are Doing This!

“HeadRoom allowed us to take an idea we had been toying around with for a few years and within two days go from, “We should do this“ to “We are doing this!” They helped us understand why we weren’t moving forward and more importantly led us through the creation of a well thought out roadmap and timeline that laid out exactly what we needed to do to meet our goals.”

Christopher Swartz – Keystone Funding, Inc./ Vice-President

A solid 3 Year Plan

“HeadRoom offers business strategy workshops, usually once a month, for a small fee. I took the workshop last month and they suggested to us a really great business idea that we were overlooking. It was something that we have all the pieces in place to do, but weren’t considering doing. We came out of the strategy workshop with a solid 3 year plan for our business and a renewed enthusiasm.

So, it goes without saying, that I highly recommend HeadRoom and their Strategy Workshop for other small, but growing, businesses in the area.”

Rob Wright – Owner of Boing! Bounce Rentals

Small Startup to Strong Business Owner

“I went from being a startup small business with no idea how to make a plan for myself, to a strong business owner with ideas of where I want my business to take me. They have a skill of extracting information that I didn’t know about myself, my strengths and my possibilities. They are genuine and sincere, and really care about small business owners. We had a follow-up meeting a few days later and were able to develop solid goals for each quarter of the next 3 years. Wow. The experience was empowering and the one-on-one attention priceless. I now have a read-able roadmap and am feeling much less overwhelmed. I highly recommend the strategy workshop.”

Dorothy Petry – Principal at Focus on Automation LLC

Perfect Visual Road Map Timeline

“I recently took a Strategy Planning Workshop with HeadRoom. The workshop consisted of a 2-3 year strategy plan for my business. As many business owners know, there are a lot of obstacles to face looking that far ahead. They made it easier to address these potential challenges by really focusing on them one by one. They were great facilitators and were able to pull most of these solutions right out of me. We were able to create the perfect visual road map timeline for my business. They weren’t just facilitators though, they are extremely knowledgeable about where and how to get resources and was able to make the entire experience fun. If you are interested in a workshop at HeadRoom, I highly recommend them for their wealth of knowledge and organization they can bring to a small business.”


Drew Montemayor – Owner / Lead Designer at DM Design Solutions

Clear, Realistic, Time-Driven Plan

“Thanks for orchestrating a powerful strategy day for our emerging Company. So much was accomplished! I was especially impressed with each of your abilities to actively listen and quickly process our mission, vision, nature and the language of our business. Your meaningful feedback, analysis and a clear, realistic, time-driven plan has allowed us to move forward with confidence and a renewed motivation to pursue our passion of service excellence. We are grateful for the connection and look forward to continually working together professionally.”


Suzette Strine, R.N. – TheTurnkeys.com / Owner


“HeadRoom’s Strategic Sessions: a powerfully mix of team development, laser-focused discussion and self-revelation. It was worth every bit of time away from running our business. – John and Dan were master facilitators of the process! – OnPace+”


Anita Williams Galiano – Exec. Director Operations at Peaque

HeadRoom, LLC

24 Veterans Sq, Media PA 19063, United States


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